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Welcome to revolution conditioning & health

Our passion is to help individuals reach their performance and fitness goals.Based in Calgary, our goal is to provide you the tools and fitness programs to reach your individual goals! The key to remember is that you are different than anyone else and your fitness professional must keep that in mind when designing a program for you. Our focus is to create a personalized program that fits your goals, your body and your time commitments. Using goal-setting, nutrition advice, tracking results and proper screening we will get you the results you have been seeking. We offer plans and programs for those of you looking to get into shape or for those of you looking to compete in high level sports. We work with all athletes looking to improve in hockey, basketball, volleyball or any sport you play. As well we work with personal training clients looking to maximize their health and improve their performance in their personal and professional life. WE also offer online training for those of you looking to train on your own and are looking for the framework to get even better. 

Athletic Development

Revolution Conditioning & Health works with you to meet your sports performance goals. Our focus is on decreasing injuries while improving performance. With our experience and expertise we can help you be a better player and achieve a greater level of performance.


Hockey is a passion of ours! Hockey athletes are great athletes and have to be ready for anything. They need strength to battle in the corners. Speed to get away on breakaways or catch others on breakaways, they need agility to get around players and coordination to stick handle in those tight spots. A hockey player is as well rounded athlete as anyone. Ignoring one area will mean you are not ready for anything your opponent throws at you. Hockey Players are complete athletes!


Football is a sport of power, agility & strength. Players need to be finely tuned machines in football at Revolution Conditioning & Health this is what we do. We are dedicated to creating fast, powerful, agile players. We focus on the proper movements for your position and put you in a position to succeed and help your team succeed. Whether you need to make that last second tackle or get open for the winning touchdown, we will give you the physical skills to feel confident that you will get that extra yard for the score!


Basketball is great sport with much focus on explosiveness yet quick lateral movement can make or break your game. Players have to get above the rim multiple times a game while also staying energized enough to maintain proper technique on their shots. Basketball players need to maximize their strengths depending on the type of game they play and their position, players need programs specifically tailored to their game and position.


Volleyball is a sport of mistakes, the less you make the more you win. Rallies are highly focused bursts of physical skill and mental focus. If you can’t maintain these qualities you will make a mistake. Athletes with strong mental focus and quick strong hips to get down for digs, up for net play and side to side for positioning excel at this sport. Let us help you improve in the areas you need to be the best player possible.