Get Back in the Game After an Injury

If you have ever been injured you know that the rehab process is important to getting back into the game or your activity. We strive to help you take the next step from physiotherapy to competition through a performance based system preparing athletes for the rigors of their game. Recognizing that biological healing is not the only measure of an athlete being ready to play, we design a program to address all areas of preparedness to improve performance. 

Taking a physical, mental and nutritional approach to your rehab process we can help you feel confident that you will be back in the game feeling ready to compete. We work with all levels of athletes. 

"I am 63 years old and have worked with Regan for several years and as a result have improved my general fitness, strength, balance and flexibility. During that time Regan has been very diligent about watching my performance and changing my routines so that I am always challenged and never get into a rut. No one can stop aging but thanks to Regan's guidance I feel that I have slowed the its effects and can continue to enjoy an active life.

Regan really came through for me last year when I ruptured my achilles tendon. The emergency room doctor told me it was a life changing injury, put me in a cast, and sent me home. After I got over the shock I called Regan, he designed an exercise program to maintain my fitness when I was immobilized. Then, working with my doctor and physiotherapist, he designed a rehabilitation program that evolved over the year as my leg first healed then strengthened. The initial program was conservative to avoid any setbacks, then as strength returned to my leg, Regan slowly increased the challenge and introduced new exercises. One year later I am almost back to normal and feel no impediments from the injury. I was able to play competitive water polo after 9 months and to ski after 10 months."

Gordon Graham