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pdfSouth West Calgary and Area Metabolic Fitness Classes

Come join our fast fun and energetic Bootcamp Style fitness classes in Southwest Calgary. We offer multiple locations and times to fit your busy schedule, whether you are a regular exerciser looking for some variety or beginner this class will work for you. Our classes will kick start your metabolism, helping you burn fat and lose inches. Using weight training, core work, High Intensity Interval Training and Mobility work done in a safe and effective manner. With multiple Bootcamp Style classes in the Southwest of Calgary you will find the right fit and location for you, we have classes located in the Strathcona Community Center at 6 am Monday Wednesday and Friday along with 5:45 am classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays .We also have classes at the Wildwood Community Center at 9:30 am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday's at 9 am ( Which are kid friendly) We also offer evening classes at 6:15 pm at the Wildwood Community Center on Tuesdays and Thursday as well as 30 minute classes on Monday and Wednesdays 

 All classes are 1 hour and each participant will be asked to bring a mat and set of dumbbells.

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Class Descriptions

Strong Circuit- A class based a round the principles HIIT. This class make you sweat, with a fast pace and a fat burner included. HIIT is a great way to keep up the intensity and improve not just your fitness level but your health as well. 

Strong and Conditioned - Agility Ladders, Harness Sprints, Agility Drills, Weight training and Conditioning Drills. This class focuses on Speed and Agility Training, as well as strength training. A fast paced class that is fun and exciting. Great for those of you who play sports and looking for a way to get quicker and fitter. 

Get Lean - Another HIIT based class. This class for the busy professional will get your heart rate up and meet your physical requirements to get fit and healthy. If you are a busy person then this class could be the answer your looking for. Fast, Fun and a Great Sweat. With stations and intervals this class is a burner!

Get Lean Circuit & Mobility -  A mixture of strength training and Circuit class. The first half is about strength and mobility while the second half is a station circuit class. Giving you the best of both worlds proper movement and strength training with a heart pump circuit to finish it off. Great for burning fat and helping you feel better in day to day activities.


Corporate Bootcamps

Contact us at regan @revolutionconditioning.ca for more information and prices.