“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”

- Laozi

Personal Training at Your Finger Tips.


I have worked with countless people to reach their goals. We have many programs from the individual who wants to lose weight, add muscle or just feel better. As well we offer our athlete programs with a focus on speed, strength and explosiveness. Our athletes are always prepared for whatever may come their way.


Programs we offer:


Weight Loss

Muscle Mass Gainer


Athlete Plans






So what do you get?


1) The Training Program - we offer several programs for individuals such as; weight-loss, muscle gain or sports programs for (hockey, football, volleyball or basketball). Using the Trainheroic platform you will have access to your program from your finger tips. We can track your workouts your results and keep you on the path you are looking for.


2) Nutrition Program - Depending on where you need to start each program we offer launching points for beginners, intermediate or advanced exercisers. You might be being bombarded with so much nutrition information that you do not know where to start or you might just need an outside perspective to help you key in on those last few goals, we can help you.


3)Optional meetings - either by phone or skype we will go over your program, I may get you to video your exercises to make sure technique on strength or speed agility work is on point, how it is going, what changes you may need or maybe continue on the path we are on.

Here's how it Works: 



We send you a welcome package and questionnaire. 



Orientation conference call/web conference with Regan. 



We send you your Trainheroic Online Program with access to videos and exercises Nutrition Program, Goal setting plan. 


You review the program and email any questions to Regan. 



Optional skype or phone calls to go over training, nutrition and check in on your results.  


Our goal is to help you and take the pressure off you and give you the tools to live a healthy life! 

Online Coaching
Contact Regan - for program options

Phone - (403) 660-6512

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