"My experience with Regan, from Revolution Conditioning and Health, was amazing. I had played Club basketball for a number of years and then in Dec, 2011, I was in a car accident where I fractured my back and tore all the ligaments in my upper back. I was out of all sports for an entire year. In my Grade 12 year I was able to begin playing basketball again but played the entire season in pain. In July of 2012 I was recruited to play for a post-secondary college and knew I needed to work on strengthening my back. I found Revolution Conditioning and Health online and Regan immediately said he could work with me and have me ready for fall basketball. I have to say that I've never been pushed to work as hard as I did with him. He's knowledgeable, and encouraging, and pushed me to physical limits that I didn't know I could achieve. Every week there was noticeable development in my upper and lower body strength, cardio, my speed and agility. Regan showed concern for all aspects of my health and fitness and made sure that I also had a nutrition plan to go along with my training. I would highly recommend him for any fitness coaching/training. He's one of the best."

Janelle Kakakaway - Basketball - Red Deer College 


"I have been training with Regan for the past 3 off seasons. My first year, I was coming off a season where I battled lower body injuries for the better part of the year. Regan created a training plan that not only allowed me to recover but also allowed me to get much stronger, faster and most importantly more durable and less likely to reinjure myself. My training greatly improved my performance on the ice. The following off season I came to Regan with a new challenge. To prepare me for making the jump from junior to college hockey. I had to get stronger and put on muscle mass as well as get faster and more explosive. Once again Regan succeeded and I began my first year of college hockey in the best shape of my life, something my coaches noticed immediately. This passed training season we continued to work on all aspects of my fitness and Regan had me in great shape once again for the hockey season. All in all, after having trained with various programs and trainers throughout my career I can confidently state that Regan knows exactly what he's doing. He makes getting stronger and better fun and the results become addicting. I would highly recommend not only hockey players but any other athletes to train with Regan ."

Nick Sandy - Hockey - Iowa State 




"Regan was a great trainer, he really encouraged the fundamentals of speed training , as well as agility, strength and overall athleticism . Some of the techniques he used were innovative and interesting, resulting in gains that I may have otherwise been unable to attain. Through this I have developed a strong drive towards my training and Regan was sure to teach me how to push my personal limit. It is with this that I have been able to build a strong foundation for my athletic career, enabling me to always take my training to the next level. My overall experience was great and I appreciate the commitment I received from Regan as well."

- Alex Van Olm - Football Player - Calgary Dinos

Training with Regan this summer was incredibly helpful. He is a great trainer who possess a great deal of knowledge regarding training for all types of athletes in various sports. His focus on the fundamentals and techniques, in regards to speed, agility and strength, were incredibly helpful in building a solid personal fitness foundation. He was highly encouraging and motivational throughout each session. Regan used an innovative teaching style to push athletes, such as myself, to be stronger and faster in preparation for their individual sport. With his guidance and help I have been able to train in an effective manor that has pushed me to be a stronger, fitter person and more athletic player. I appreciate all Regan has done for me and highly recommend him to anyone looking to continue, or start personal training. "

Karli Packard - Volleyball - Minot State 


"I found Regan to be a knowledgeable, encouraging, kind personal trainer who was most helpful with my personal fitness goals. He also helped me rehabilitate my injured knee with the correct exercises and stretching and was very careful that I did all my exercise properly. I also found him to be personable, friendly and a good motivator. I have no hesitation in recommending him as a personal trainer/fitness coach and will use him again."

- Trish Murphy

"The work that Regan and I did together was a huge benefit to my golf game. The strength and focus Regan teaches allows a more explosive golf swing while remaining in control of the club, which leads to increased distance and accuracy! I would not hesitate to recommend Regan as a trainer for any athlete, whether becoming a professional is in the works trying to keep as fit as possible!"

- Greg Griffith - Golf Pro 


When I first started training with Regan I could barely run for a minute before my asthma took over. Regan worked with me and I was eventuall able to run 5 kilometers without any problems. He is personable and dedicated trainer who will stop at nothing to get you in shape! I most certainly recommend him as a trainer.

- Adrienne

"Regan is one of best trainers out there. I lost over 100lb. He took the time to coach in all aspects of health and fitness including nutrition. Regan also trains you for the future so you can go into a gym on your own and know what to do. He is caring and very personable. I always felt important when I trained with him. His knowledge is above all else. He stays up on the newest fitness science and puts it to use with his clients. I promise you wont be disappointed! He is amazing and I will be forever grateful for the change he helped me accomplish"

- Tiffany

"We have worked with Regan for a number of years and benefited from his comprehensive training. Regan trained us to work on a variety of weight and cardio machines and also to exercise without gym equipment. He has a great understanding of skeletal and muscular function and worked us through many of our aches and pains over the years. Thanks Regan for all of your help and in getting us to the point where we felt we could continue to maintain our level of fitness on our own.


- Erik and Chris"

"Due to an upcoming Police Fitness Exam, I was looking to get back into the required shape to successfully pass the test. I contacted Regan to inquire about training sessions and to set up a plan to help me meet my fitness goals with limited time for preparation. Regan immediately set up a plan to fit within my very small training window. He was thorough and knowledgable about what he felt would help me achieve my goals but first and foremost, he was professional. Regan never once made me feel uncomfortable to train with him. He also never beat around the bush about how hard i needed to work to meet my goals. For anyone looking to work with a fitness trainer, I highly recommend Regan. You will never feel uncomfortable again about training with a fitness professional.

Chris Cunes